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icons by balfonheim & folkloric
welcome ♦ rules ♣ balfonheim ♥ folkloric ♠
....to Draklor Labs, located in the shining city of Archades. Not. This sadly isnt the lab of Doctor Cidolfus, but rather the icon community shared by that of gabranth and folkloric. :)

Here you will find icons ranging from that of anime and manga to that of real life to that of american comic books, to anything that strikes our fancy at the time. Watch the community to keep up with us?

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1. please credit either BALFONHEIM or FOLKLORIC when it comes to whatever you're taking. If you can't figure out who did what, you can just credit the community.

2. please do not hotlink and do not redistribute anything from here as yours. :/

3. Unless stated textless icons are not bases; please don't alter them and turn around and claim that it is yours. If you do get permission to edit one or several of our icons, please just credit us in the post or in the icon comments! :D

4. Though comments are amazing and it would be great to see them, it isn't mandatory to receive them. If you don't want to comment just remember the first rule and everything is fine.
....is our resident dashing sky pirate! Balfonheim icons a varying array of topics like the video game series Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire and Kingdom Hearts or television shows like Gossip Girl and films such as Twilight.


....is the resident Viera sidekick of our pirate. ♥ Folkloric icons such topics as video games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Odin Sphere to anime and manga series like Air Gear and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Sometimes she will branch out into the realm of celebrities and fashion and Disney films.

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